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Oracle-logo Today the world has witnessed a virtual explosion in electronic commerce. With computers increasingly becoming the most potent instrument ofglobalization, the demand for professionals who can build and manage databaseshas grown in geometric proportions. With small and medium enterprises also nowimplementing database management systems the growth will enhance exponentially.

java-1“Argyle HR Solution” will be instrumental in creating latest technologyexperts across sectors by training students in Java Technology. “oyster” offerstraining programs to make you masters of Java technology through its expertfaculties.

Android is technology with enormous endless possibilities. All latestmobile phones and tablet PCs run on Android technology. Android allows thirdparty developers to create free apps that can be downloaded. This is what makesa program in android application development so valuable. With the number ofAndroid devices set to rise exponentially, things will only get better.

Cloud-Computing-BenefitsCloud computing is the next bigthing in IT. Azure simplifies maintaining and operating applications byproviding on-demand computing capabilities and storage to host, scale andmanage web services.

“Argyle HR Solution” faculties make students tobe ready to take up the higher ground

200px-Solaris_OS_logo.svgToday’s top corporate houses function on ever shrinkingdeadlines. Due to this more and more corporate houses are shifting to newer,more robust operating platforms, opening up lucrative job avenues for trainedprofessionals. Solaris 10 is the preferred choice of millions of customers. Itcombines robust, enterprise class security, scalability, and businesscontinuity with the cost benefits.

2000px-Cisco_logo.svgNetworking, one of the highest paying fields in IT, is also thefastest growing occupation in the IT sector and is required in all majorcompanies. Significant talent shortage in the Infrastructure Management spacehas opened up multiple career options for aspiring students and professionals.“Argyle HR Solution is offering training programs on Cisco’s latest toolsand technologies in the Networking and Infrastructure Management space. CiscoTraining creates lucrative career opportunities by empowering students withskills like Routing & Switching, Network Design and Network Securityrequired to manage today’s mission critical networks and applications.

etm055_1Open source represents the perfect solution for easycomputerization and mass spread of technology. In Open Source besides the Linuxoperating system, LAMP is also catching on. Open source training in My SQL, Linux and PHP lets you explorethe limitless. With open source, you can change, improve, modify and customizeany software as per your requirements. The Argyle HR Solution Open Source programs,specially designed for Science and Engineering graduates and final yearstudents, aims at helping students gain an edge.

microsoft_.net_.png.NET is a platform that allows a developer to make intelligentapplications with interoperability across platforms, that too in a limitedtimeframe. Argyle HR Solution can help students develop these skills. The program helpsstudent’s skill himself or herself in the fast growing .NET developmentarchitecture.

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